Our Values

Since 1995, Schwartz Hannum has been governed by core values that shape the culture and define the character of the Firm. Core values guide our professional practice, our decision-making and our interactions with clients and each other.

Strategic – Strategic thinking permeates everything we do. We start with a comprehensive perspective that aligns with our clients’ goals.

Creative We apply uncommon thinking to common problems. We are innovative and ingenious.  We love to resolve complex situations.

Accessible We are easy to approach and available any time.

Thoughtful – We listen carefully, pay attention to the details, and alert our clients to potential problems before they arise.

Trustworthy – We speak the truth, deliver on our promises, and are loyal to clients and one another.  We treat clients and each other with respect.

Focused – We keep the conversation, the strategy, and our solutions focused on those matters that are relevant.

Collaborative – We are a team.  We value the strengths, experiences, and perspectives of others. We freely share our ideas, opportunities, and insights with clients and one another.