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National Business Officers Association (NBOA) 2018 Annual Meeting "In Tune With Excellence"

March 7, 2018 - 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM - Gaylord Opryland Resort - Nashville, TN

Matthew D. Batastini, Sarah H. Fay, and Brian B. Garrett will present Goldmine Sessions at the National Business Officers Association (NBOA) 2018 Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. 

The Annual Meeting brings together "CFOs, heads of school and other business and operational leaders in nonprofit K-12 education" to "share solutions, exchange ideas and build lasting relationships with peers who share similar responsibilities and challenges."

SHPC attorneys will present the following Goldmines:

Easing The Administrative Burden: Best Practices For Implementing Electronic Signatures

Matthew D. Batastini
Many schools are stunned to learn that not only are electronic signatures generally accorded the same veracity and authenticity as paper signatures, but the legal framework supporting the use of electronic signatures has been in place for more than fifteen years. For independent schools with families scattered across the country or globe, using an electronic system to distribute forms to parents can significantly ease the school’s administrative burden. This program will discuss best practices for implementing electronic signatures and examine how the use of electronic forms can enhance the enforceability of school contracts and other documents.

Learning Objectives:
Attendees of this program will learn the legal requirements needed for an enforceable electronic signature, gain an appreciation of both the potential benefits and drawbacks of implementing electronic signatures on school documents, and leave with the ability to self-analyze whether utilizing electronic signatures makes sense for the attendees’ school.

Parental Comportment: Options When Parents Misbehave

Sarah H. Fay
Instances of parental misbehavior are among the most challenging situations for independent schools to navigate. Often the misbehaving parents are prominent community members or distinguished professionals (or worse, lawyers), and responding in a firm, yet lawful, manner can feel like walking through a minefield. This lively and interactive program will discuss several examples of misbehaving parents, outline applicable legal considerations, and provide strategies and tips for avoiding legal entanglement.

Learning Objectives:
Attendees of this program will learn the scope and sources of schools’ legal obligations to parents, as well as tips on how to respond firmly and lawfully when parents behave badly.

Faculty Contracts: To Be (At-Will), Or Not To Be (At-Will)?

Brian B. Garrett
How does your school employ its faculty? An annual letter? A contract? An offer letter? A hybrid? Are you not sure? What do you policies say about at-will employment? Are all of these documents clear and consistent? Often schools are surprised to learn that faculty members they consider to be “at-will” actually have a right to employment through their faculty or employee contract. This program will explain the differences between at-will employment and employment in faculty contracts, offer a spectrum of options for schools to explore, and explain the benefits and drawbacks associated with each of those options.

Learning Objectives:
Attendees of this program will understand the difference between at-will and term employment, the options available to schools with respect to faculty contracts, and the benefits and drawbacks of those options.

Complete conference information and access to registration can be found on the NBOA 2018 Annual Meeting website.