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Hot Topics In Student Mental Health In General And In The COVID-19 Climate

January 19, 2021 - 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET - SHPC Webinar

What is the scope of a school’s obligation to protect students from self-harm? Are students with anxiety entitled to accommodations? How should a school respond to a student’s threats of violence?

In this webinar, Sara Goldsmith Schwartz will explore the various ways that student mental health issues are manifesting in schools, and will discuss legal standards clarifying the scope of a school’s duty to protect students from self-harm, how schools should respond when students have expressed suicidal ideation or other mental health issues, and practical solutions for risk management in this complex and quickly-evolving area.

Topics will include:

• A School’s Legal Duties Regarding Student Self-Harm After Nguyen v. MIT
• Creating A Suicide Prevention Protocol
• Establishing A Process For Student Mental Health Assessment
• Crafting Policies Regarding Medical Leaves

Who should attend?

Head Of School
Dean Of Students
Chief Financial Officer
School Nurse
Medical Director

Tuition: $50 Per School
No Charge For Current SHPC Clients

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