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Governance Best Practices In General And In The COVID-19 Climate: Bylaws, Trustee Agreements And Other Essential Documents

May 20, 2020 - 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET - SHPC Webinar

Serving on the Board of Trustees of a non-profit organization is a significant contribution to the community, and also a significant responsibility. Each Board member must ensure that the non-profit and its governing documents, agreements, and policies, all comply with applicable laws. Using real-life hypotheticals, and drawing on her nearly 30 years of legal experience, Sara Goldsmith Schwartz will guide participants through the significant responsibilities that Board Members have in ensuring that an organization’s key documents comply with legal requirements and best practices.

Sara will also address several of the unique issues arising in the COVID-19 crisis, such as: establishing a focused and confident leadership approach to this crisis, bylaws considerations such as remote meetings; accessing the endowment; Head of School employment agreements in this climate; and interim leadership for the Head of School and the Board Chair.

This interactive webinar will review key documents for non-profit legal compliance, including:

• Key Updates To Your Organization’s Bylaws
• Trustee Agreements And Codes Of Conduct
• Good Governance Policies From IRS Form 990
• Other Essential Documents For Risk Prevention
• COVID-19 Considerations

Who should attend?

Chief Executive Officer
Board Chair
Executive Director

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