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Enterprise Risk Management For Independent Schools In General And In Response To COVID-19

November 19, 2020 - 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM ET - SHPC Webinar

Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) is a tool for strategic decision-making, from identifying and assessing key risks, to managing and monitoring those risks consistent with each school’s strategic goals, risk tolerance, and available resources. ERM involves a commitment by school leadership to identify, prioritize, own, and address the various risks faced by the institution.

In this interactive webinar, Sara Goldsmith Schwartz will outline the key steps for an independent school to audit its policies and practices from an ERM perspective. Sara will also address several of the unique issues arising in the COVID-19 climate, such as bylaws considerations, succession planning, communicable illness protocols, employment challenges, remote learning and telecommuting policies, and more.

Topics will include:

• Conducting An ERM Audit That Successfully Identifies Risks Impacting Your School
• Prioritizing And Addressing Risks On Campus
• Getting Into Compliance With Applicable Laws
• Developing A Robust Crisis Management Plan
• Protocols Related to COVID-19 And The Next Unknown

Who should attend?

Board Chair
Head Of School
Chief Financial Officer
Head Of Upper School
Business Manager
Head Of Lower School
Director Of Human Resources

Tuition: $50 Per School
No Charge For Current SHPC Clients

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