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Training Sessions:

Board Compliance
Governance Training For Non-Profit Schools



Board Compliance

“Your presentation was perfect, just what our group of Trustees needed.” ~ Board Chair, Independent School


Serving on the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization can be a wonderful way to give back to your community or help guide an organization about which you care deeply.  With such service, however, comes a responsibility to ensure that your organization’s operations meet all legal requirements.  A non-profit can lose its status as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization or even be subject to suit by the Attorney General if it fails to comply with its legal obligations.


Whether your non-profit is an independent school, a hospital or some other type of entity, it is your responsibility to make sure that your organization is compliant with legal requirements and best practices.  For instance, does your organization have an up-to-date policy on conflicts of interest?  When was the last time your organization reviewed its bylaws, filed an annual report with the Secretary of State, or engaged in a benchmarking process to review the Executive Director’s compensation?


The Firm has developed an interactive seminar to assist non-profit Board members in understanding their roles and legal responsibilities.  Our attorneys can visit your organization and tailor the presentation to address topics that are of most interest to you.


Potential Topics Include:

  • Legal Principles Applicable to Non-Profits
  • Ideal Board Composition
  • Board Members’ Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Role of Board Officers and Committees
  • Bylaws, Trustee Codes of Conduct, and Other Critical Documents
  • Hiring and Overseeing the Executive Director
  • The Board’s Role in Crisis Management

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Governance Training For Non-Profit Schools

“Thank you for your expertise and guidance during our Board retreat.  I’ve spoken with many of the Board members (and administrators) in attendance, and have heard universal acclaim for the workshop and your presentation.  You brought exactly the right mix of professionalism and humor to our mix, and have given us fodder for many future Board meetings and agendas!” ~ Head Of School, Independent School


This interactive presentation is intended to generate discussion with members of Boards of independent schools while also reminding them of (or providing them with) a sound understanding of the legal and regulatory framework applicable to private school governance.  The discussion is perfect for Board retreats, and it can be tailored to fit the needs of each particular Board, for example with a focus on distinguishing between appropriate roles for Board members, as compared to the Head of School’s focus on the day-to-day operations. Referencing best practices, our attorneys will help Boards to:


      • Understand foundational governance concepts, including fiduciary duties;
      • Review key Board functions, including strategic planning, fiscal oversight, and fundraising;
      • Discuss best practices for the Board’s relationship with the Head of School, beginning with hiring, through performance evaluations or, if necessary, termination;
      • Review the steps necessary to establish reasonable compensation for senior school leadership;
      • Recruit and orient new Board members;
      • Recognize, evaluate and manage conflicts of interest;
      • Revise and update bylaws;
      • Ensure that governance documents and policies are up-to-date; and
      • Review the Board’s roles and responsibilities in crisis management


Through the use of real world scenarios, taken both from headlines and the Firm’s extensive experience in this area, our attorneys will facilitate discussion about important, and sometimes difficult-to-discuss challenges that face independent school Boards every day.

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