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Managing Employee Performance

Training Sessions:

Managing Employee Performance: Best Practices



Managing Employee Performance: Best Practices

Are your managers or supervisors overwhelmed or even intimidated by their obligation to assess the performance of their employees?  Are some of your managers or supervisors so reluctant to discipline their employees that they avoid it until too much time has passed and the discipline is never issued?  This program can help!

During this ninety-minute seminar, we will address the full spectrum of performance management tools, including:

  • The importance of regular coaching and feedback;
  • The role of the annual review and employee self-appraisals;
  • Strategies for successfully disciplining employees; and
  • The factors to consider before an employee is terminated.

This program focuses on the benefits to the business of a successful performance management system and also touches on the legal costs of failing to manage poor performance.  This material is presented in an interactive format and includes several real world scenarios to guide the discussion.

Schwartz Hannum PC includes this important seminar in the Employment Law Boot Camp that is offered twice a year at the Firm.  In addition, we regularly conduct this program at our clients’ workplaces and we are happy to tailor the program to meet the specific objectives of individual clients.

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