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Leaves of Absence

Training Sessions:

The Nuts And Bolts Of Compliance With The Amended Family And Medical Leave Act
Is Your Business Prepared For The Pandemic Flu?


The Nuts And Bolts Of Compliance With The Amended Family And Medical Leave Act


“This was an excellent presentation covering a lot of ground in an hour or so. The absence of legalese, jargon and acronyms was impressive…I’ve been doing this for a while and I came away with information I didn’t know.” ~ Assistant VP, Financial Institution


Is your organization in compliance with the recently amended Family and Medical Leave Act?  Do you understand the new military leave requirements for qualifying exigency leave?  Do you know that qualifying exigency leave was explained not once, but twice, last year?  Do you understand injured service member leave and who is eligible and when?  Do you know about the new certification and designation notice requirements?  Are your FMLA policy and compliance process updated to reflect all these new mandates?

This program provides comprehensive training on the FMLA with a particular focus on the new regulations, including:

  • Covered employers and covered employees;
  • Types of leave available under the FMLA;
  • Employers’ obligations and employees’ obligations;
  • Special school rules;
  • Overlaps and intersections with other laws (e.g., state leave laws, workers’ compensation laws, and the ADA);
  • Compliance strategies; and
  • Practical implementation steps.

Schwartz Hannum PC includes this important seminar in the Employment Law Boot Camp and regularly conducts this seminar throughout the year at our clients’ workplaces. We are happy to tailor the program to meet the specific objectives of individual clients.

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Is Your Business Prepared For The Pandemic Flu?

For years, employers and employees have been warned about the catastrophe of a global pandemic flu wreaking havoc in the workplace.  So far, a true crisis has been averted.  However, the threat is significant, and cautious employers will not be caught unprepared.


This seminar provides an in-depth review of OSHA’s Pandemic Flu Guidelines as well as the CDC guidance for preparing for a pandemic flu and/or H1N1 outbreak.  We also offer practical suggestions for implementing a pandemic flu plan.  The goal of the program is to assist employers in preparing for the worst case scenario so that businesses can respond quickly and effectively to any major health crisis in the workplace.


Schwartz Hannum includes this seminar in the broader program – A Beginner’s Guide to Health and Safety in the Workplace.  We also offer it as a stand-alone seminar program.

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