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Accepted Student Re-Visit Days

By Sarah H. Fay

With admissions decisions on their way out the door between now and March 10 or so, independent schools are preparing to welcome accepted students onto campus for re-visit days. Accepted students present many of the same risks for schools as enrolled students, but there is often no framework to help protect the school from liability if something unfortunate were to happen to an accepted student.

In order to help manage the risks associated with re-visit days, we recommend that schools utilize a thoughtfully tailored "Accepted Student Visit Permission and Release Form." This form can help the school collect relevant information about accepted students, such as health concerns that the school should know about, authorize the school to take action in a medical emergency, provide information about an emergency contact, and help protect the school from liability through a release of claims.

If your school plans to welcome accepted students onto campus, please consider whether you want to utilize such a form. As always, if you need assistance preparing or updating this form, please contact one of the members of our Firm's education practice group.