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LGBTQ Employees And Students In Independent Schools: Best Practices Related To Gender Identity And Expression

October 15, 2014 - 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM - Schwartz Hannum PC

Experienced education and employment attorneys will explore how independent schools can ensure that they are in step with current and emerging practices in this complex area.

We will discuss the legal framework governing the rights of students and employees, and the responsibilities of schools, including recent court decisions and legislation, as well as recommended steps to take to make sure that LGBTQ students and employees are afforded the same opportunities as their peers.

By the session’s end, independent schools will have an increased comfort level with the new normal, as characteristics of the student body and workforce change, and the laws and best practices change to keep up with the times.

Topics will include:

      • Recent court decisions and recently-enacted legislation that impact schools; and
      • Recommended steps that independent schools should take to ensure  LGBTQ students and employees are afforded the same educational, extracurricular and employment opportunities as their peers.

Who should attend?

Head Of School
Chief Financial Officer
Assistant Head Of School
Business Manager
Director Of Human Resources
Dean Of Students
Dean Of Faculty

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