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Healthcare Topics

Training Sessions:

The Rules Keep Changing: Everything Employers Need To Know About Health Care Reform
Risky Business for Physicians: Practical Tips For Limiting Liability
Is Your Business Prepared For The Pandemic Flu?
A Beginner’s Guide To Health And Safety In The Workplace



The Rules Keep Changing: Everything Employers Need To Know About Health Care Reform

Just when you thought you had it all figured out: the rules are changing again!  Compliance with the health care reform laws is one of the most daunting tasks that businesses will face in the near future.  With the recent passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as amended by Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (“PPACA”), employers face an avalanche of new health insurance requirements.  Further, Massachusetts employers are in the unique position of being forced to comply with both the new federal requirements and requirements under Massachusetts’ own Health Care Reform Law.  This presentation will explain how the law has changed, identify the ramifications for employers of all sizes, and offer practical compliance tips.  In addition, we will explore the interplay between federal and Massachusetts health insurance requirements.

This seminar addresses Massachusetts compliance issues such as:

  • Full-time equivalent employees versus full-time employees;
  • Fair and reasonable premium contribution;
  • Section 125 plan requirements;
  • Health insurance responsibility disclosure (“HIRD”) forms;
  • Non-discrimination mandates; and
  • Filing fair share contribution/health insurance responsibility disclosure at the DUA.

This program will also address important employer issues following the enactment of the PPACA including:

  • Small business tax credit;
  • Nursing mother accommodation;
  • Whistleblower protection;
  • Automatic enrollment in employer-sponsored health plan;
  • Temporary reinsurance program for early retirees;
  • Group health plan requirements;
  • Required expansion of dependent coverage; and
  • Employer contribution mandate.

Schwartz Hannum includes this useful seminar in the Employment Law Boot Camp that is offered twice per year at the Firm.  In addition, the Firm can conduct this program at a client’s workplace, with a program tailored to meet the specific objectives of the client.

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Risky Business for Physicians: Practical Tips For Limiting Liability

If you are like most physicians, whether you run a small practice with 10 employees, a large, multi-facility practice with 60 employees, or are employed by a large health care institution, you spend most of your time focusing on how to provide excellent medical care.  Given the legal protections that currently exist regarding workplace behavior, however, physicians have no choice but to learn to navigate the complex world of employment law.

This program addresses the unique issues that physicians encounter when managing employees and working with patients and family members.  Physicians will learn about developing areas of employment law and how risky subjects can lead to harassment, discrimination, retaliation and other legal claims.  This program will focus on practical solutions for effectively managing workplace diversity as well as the potential individual and corporate exposure resulting from inappropriate behavior and conduct in the office and in the operating room.

Topics Include:

  • The hospital’s written and unwritten code of conduct;
  • Risky subjects that lead to workplace complaints;
  • Harassment: It’s not just about sex anymore;
  • Avoiding the cursed lawsuit by swearing not to swear;
  • Bullying in the workplace;
  • Improving communication skills despite language barriers;
  • Trends in discrimination law: Transgender employees and family responsibilities discrimination;
  • The legal rights of patients and family members;
  • The physician’s unique responsibilities as a manager; and
  • The physician’s role when misconduct occurs.


In addition to offering this program throughout the year at the Firm’s offices, we are available to present this seminar at professional consortiums or at our clients’ workplaces.  We are also happy to tailor the program to meet the individual needs of our clients.

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Is Your Business Prepared For The Pandemic Flu?

For years, employers and employees have been warned about the catastrophe of a global pandemic flu wreaking havoc in the workplace.  So far, a true crisis has been averted.  However, the threat is significant, and cautious employers will not be caught unprepared.

This program provides an in-depth review of OSHA’s Pandemic Flu Guidelines as well as the CDC guidance for preparing for a pandemic flu and/or H1N1 outbreak.  We also offer practical suggestions for implementing a pandemic flu plan.  The goal of the program is to assist employers in preparing for the worst case scenario so that businesses can respond quickly and effectively to any major health crisis in the workplace.

Schwartz Hannum includes this seminar in the broader program – A Beginner’s Guide to Health and Safety in the Workplace.  We also offer it as a stand-alone program.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Health And Safety In The Workplace

Employees who are responsible for implementing OSHA compliance programs in the workplace spend years developing an expertise in the intricacies of OSHA compliance.  Most Human Resources professionals do not have the need or the time to become experts in OSHA compliance.  However, health and safety issues can have a big impact on the employment relationship and, therefore, it is important for the HR team to have at least a general familiarity with OSHA requirements.

This program provides a general introduction to the health and safety issues that come up time and time again for HR professionals, including:

  • An employer’s obligations under the General Duty Clause of OSHA;
  • Preparing for a pandemic;
  • Workplace violence issues; and
  • What to do when an OSHA inspector arrives on site.

This seminar is offered in the Advanced Employment Law Boot Camp program.  In addition, we regularly conduct this program at our client’s workplaces and we are happy to tailor the program to meet the specific objectives of individual clients.

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