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Telling Stories

[July 18, 2013]  In a recent CLE panel with other attorneys and federal and state judges, we all agreed upon a critically important part of an attorney’s job — something that is written about less frequently perhaps than it should be, because it is just beneath the surface of conversations we have with clients every day:  We tell stories.

As the judges in this CLE panel talked through the relevant legal analysis, they kept coming back to the same simple point: Tell a story.  The judges wanted to hear a story. Something that makes sense and puts all of the facts and law in a coherent context.

We have been telling ourselves the same thing in the office every day, as we write memoranda of law, position statements, and outlines of an oral presentation (in court or otherwise).

Whether we are writing a summary judgment brief, a letter to opposing counsel, or are preparing an opening statement, we distill the facts of every case into a coherent, persuasive story in order to obtain the best results for our clients.

At Schwartz Hannum, telling stories is an important part of what we do.